Art.Nr.: 31512509

Quenox Foldable reflector 5-in-1 round 110 cm

Quenox 5-in-1 Foldable Reflector / diffuser folding - 110 cm

reflector with five functions universally

Folding reflector with 4 different surfaces

The folding reflector has four different surfaces and is thus ideally suited for all applications in photography, for example for light regulation in portraiture. Of softer illumination up to darken individual areas of the face, nothing has been left out.

Diffuser as a basic element

The basic element is a diffuser with a translucent white fabric. This softens the harsh light of studio flash or from the sun, provides a uniform illumination and enhances the natural color contrasts.

Four other surfaces

The reflector has a removable reversible cover with four different surfaces.

- white: for smooth, neutral illumination
- silver: for high contrast images
- gold: for neutral skin tones

Compact pack size by folding

The canopy is mounted on a sturdy spring frame that snaps on opening their own. The reflector can be folded quickly to stow it in the enclosed bag. When folded, reducing the diameter of 110 cm to 40 cm.

Technical details:

Diameter (open): approx 110 cm
Transport dimensions (closed): 40 cm
Weight: 0.7 kg