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quenox Macro Reverse Ring for Nikon 67mm e.g. D300 D200 D70 D60 D40

Macro Reverse Ring for Macro Photography

Well-priced alternative to expensive macro lenses

With the aid of this lens reversing ring you can attach any lens to your camera inversed. This way you can use it like a macro lens. You can take fantastic close-up pictures without spending horrendous sums of money for expensive macro lenses.

In the retro position the lens provides a larger reproduction scale than in the normal position. In this way you can photograph your photo motive enlarged. With wide angle or zoom lenses you can achieve the best results.

Using this lens reversing ring, any lens becomes a macro lens. Wide Angle Lenses and Prime Lenses are particularly suitable. This way older manual lenses can be reused as macro lenses. They are often available at reasonable price. They provide the advantage that the shutter can be adjusted directly on the lens. And the quality is not worse than with new lenses. This is low-priced in comparison with other solutions and offers a quality which is comparable to the one of expensive macro lenses.

This reverse ring is manufactured very well. It is thin but stable. That is why there is no big clearance between the lens and the lens mount. That provides a better image output.

Technical Details:
Reproduction scale: 1:7 up to 1:2,8 (it depends on the applied lens)

1. Screw the reversing ring on the camera's lens mount.
2. Screw the lens to lens mount reversed.

You have to focus and adjust the shutter manually, because the reversing rings doesn't convey electronic data. Exposure measurements are usually effected by the l...